5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash 2018 – Card Stock, Patterned Paper, and Felt

We’ve covered inks, stamps, and Die-namics, and now it’s time to attack your card stock, patterned paper, and felt. These cardmaking essentials probably represent a large portion of your stash so having a plan in place for managing them will definitely help keep your space, and sanity, in check.

Before we jump into today’s photos, how about a quick reminder of the resources we have available to help you in your quest to organize. You’ll find a wide array of printable charts to compare MFT colors and track your card stock and felt stashes HERE. Our Patterned Paper Reference Guides, found HERE, make it easy to color-match card stock to patterned paper and are designed to fit your collection of 6″ x 6″ paper pads perfectly.

Stephanies picture-perfect card stock storage features ROYGBIV organization that is ever-so-satisfying. There is nothing wrong with your stash doubling as colorful “art” in your craft space!

Card stock storage Stephanie Klauck #mftstamps

You’ll notice Stephanie has each color tabbed with the color name — Joy uses a similar technique shown more closely in the photo below.

Card stock storage Joy Taylor #mftstamps

Inge’s card stock organization features magazine holders positioned horizontally. This is a great method if you would prefer your collection to be slightly more portable — sort color families into specific file boxes to grab a selection of similar colors before fine-tuning your choices.

Card stock storage Inge Groot #mftstamps

Julie has a large rack designed for letter-sized paper storage. This allows her to quickly grab her desired color and the flat storage method prevents the paper from bending or warping. You’ll see she’s also designated slots to specialty papers like different weights of watercolor paper.

Card stock storage Julie Dinn #mftstamps

Card stock storage Julie Dinn #mftstamps

Hanging file folders stashed in a cabinet ensure Barbara’s collection stays safe and secure. Using a scrap of card stock for the file labels makes quick work of locating the perfect shade for your next project.

Card stock storage Barbara Anders #mftstamps

A ring of card stock samples makes it easy for Inge to see the entire range of colors as well as mix and match complementary colors before pulling out full sheets or packages of paper. She’s labeled the back of each sample with the name of each hue for quick reference.

Card stock organization Inge Groot #mftstamps

Have you grown a collection of MFT patterned papers? Storing the pad in a sleeve protects the pad as well as any loose sheets or scraps you accumulate. You’ll see Amy has also tucked the reference guide for each pad into the same sleeve to make card stock selection a breeze.

Patterned paper storage Amy Yang #mftstamps

Patterned paper storage Amy Yang #mftstamps

When we talk paper, we can’t forget the envelopes! With such a wide range of coordinating colors, easy access is a must. Inge has her collection neatly tucked into small storage boxes.

Envelope storage Inge Groot #mftstamps

Our line of felt is brand new but already well-loved. The 5″ x 18″ sheets come in a roll — Debbie has taken advantage of this packaging by storing them upright in a clear bin. It’s easy to see each color and the bin allows her to keep a color chart tucked in front as well.

Felt storage Debbie Olson #mftstamps

Barbara’s felt is protected by nestling the pretty rolls in a set of clear drawers. You’ll see she’s sorted them by color family so she knows exactly where to find each shade.

Felt storage Barbara Anders #mftstamps

While storing your felt in the rolled form it arrives in is perfectly fine, Stephanie has opted for a different method. She cuts the sheet in half to 5″ x 9″ and stores them flat in a storage pocket. This allows her to quickly flip through them and makes them more manageable when it’s time to run them through the die-cutting machine. You’ll also see she’s customized her color chart by cutting small squares of each color to adhere to the chart.

Felt storage Stephanie Klauck #mftstamps

Felt organization Stephanie Klauck #mftstamps

Wow! Lots of fun ideas to get card stock, scraps, patterned paper, and felt under control. We hope you’ll find some time to tame your own stash this weekend…you never know what you’ll discover during your organizational adventures!