Wholesale Info

Thank you so much for your interest in carrying My Favorite Things! 

We look forward to serving you.  While we are not accepting any new strictly online stores at this time, we do welcome brick and mortar stores that also offer online purchasing. We do not allow our products to be sold on Etsy, Facebook, or Ebay. Please email or fax over a copy of your business license, resale permit, and a picture of your store front to (352) 508-1408 or email to customerservice@mftstamps.com.

Ordering Information

Our minimum opening order is $150 and we have no minimum for reorders.  You may place orders online at mftstamps.com once your wholesale account is created.  We do accept faxed or emailed orders as well, but they do take 1-2 extra business days to process.  If you do submit your order via fax or email, please make sure your payment method is included.

We require our wholesale stores to purchase a minimum of two of each item ordered.  Should your order contain single items, you will be required to place an additional order to meet the two item minimum.  We appreciate your cooperation. 

Pricing Guidelines

We strongly believe that maintaining strict pricing guidelines benefits everyone, and we require that our products not be permanently discounted.  A short-term sale, meaning two weeks or less, is permissible. The maximum discount we allow during a short-term sale is 20% off the retail purchase price. 

New Release Guidelines

We work hard to build up excitement each month for our new products.  In order to help us maintain our brand enthusiasm, our New Release products may not be shown online, or available for pre-order, prior to our actual release date.  New Release products may not be discounted in any way for a minimum period of one month after their release.


Should you receive a defective product, a replacement will be mailed to you provided you live in the United States.  For stores outside of the United States, your purchase price will be refunded once the defect has been established.

Shipping Rates

All orders are shipped via FedEx, generally within 2-3 business days.

US Stores

  • All orders will be charged $12.00


Canadian Stores

  • All orders under 5 pounds will be charged $30.00
  • All orders over 5 pounds will be charged $54.00
  • All orders over 10 pounds will be charged $59.00
  • All orders over 20 pounds will be charged $72.00


International Stores

  • All orders under 5 pounds will be charged $45.00
  • All orders over 5 pounds will be charged $84.00
  • All orders over 10 pounds will be charged $110.00
  • All orders over 20 pounds will be charged $150.00

We strive to ship orders as cost-effectively as possible. If we are able to ship your order for less than the amount you paid, we will refund any overpayment above $1.00.  Should your shipping cost exceed the listed rates, we will contact you with any additional postage charge.  These additional charges must be paid prior to your order being shipped.