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A few weeks ago, as part of Feature Friday I shared a video on How to Tie a Loopy Bow.  I promised that I’d also share a quick and easy bow with similar results, called a Cheater’s Bow.  To tie a Cheater’s Bow you’ll use two lengths of ribbon.  One just a bit longer than your card front which you tape in place, and then you’ll tie a longer piece of ribbon around that to create the bow.  You’ll see just what I mean in today’s Feature Friday Video.  I’ll admit, this is how I first learned to tie a bow when I first got into stamping…

And, I’ve done a second video for you today too.  I often get questions from readers about the sizes of my cards, and it reminds me that while we have many customers that have been with us a long time, there are also new people taking up this amazing hobby each day.  So, I’m going to work on a series of Feature Friday Basics videos.  As always, if there are any topics you need help with, please let us know how to help with a comment on the blog, or a comment on the MFT Facebook Page, we’re here to help! Today’s second video is going to share information about making a card base. This was a tricky one for me when I first started, I couldn’t visualize where to make the cuts and had a lot of waste.  I also didn’t know what products were going to work the best for me…  so here’s a quick video for any newbies out there!  Welcome! We’re glad to have you!        

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